Sci Fi Double Feature

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Sci-Fi invades Atlantic Canada in the spring of 2016!

Join us at:

The Imperial Theatre for the Performing Arts in Windsor, Nova Scotia~ April 2nd 2016

The Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick            ~April 4th, 2016

The Fredericton Playhouse in Fredericton, New Brunswick       ~April 9th, 2016


What is Sci-Fi Double Feature?

Sci-Fi Double Feature is an all ages cardboard puppet show  filmed and projected live on to the big screen, in order to create a one-take 1960s sci-fi B-movie.

The show is comprised of two sci-fi B-movie puppet shows or acts.  The two movies are linked by a stop-motion animation that looks behind the scenes on the sci-fi set.

Act 1: Attack of the Slime-O-Trons

Two intergalactic lovers must save earth from a hoard of vengeful invaders.





Act 2: Last Day on Earth

A professor and his dog travel back in time on a quest to prove the existence of a three-headed dinosaur, only to find they’ve arrived minutes before an impending meteorite threatens mass extinction.

A Dividing Lens


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Meanwhile Backstage*

A stop motion animation film


We built a short film called Meanwhile Backstage that is part of our cardboard science fiction puppet show:  Sci-Fi Double Feature.  With the support of the Yukon Fim and Sound Commission we took over Ramshackle Studio and built stop motion animation puppets from foam, wire and magnets.

Here’s a couple of stills from the shoot:



That's It!

That’s It!

After asking for “more evil” from the giant Slime-O-Tron, the Director gets exactly what he asks.

Special thanks to Andria Pedlar for making the lovely costumes. I especially like the pearl buttons and the white Jackie Kennedy trim on the dress.



I Could Have Been Something

I Could Have Been Something

In his soliloquy, Tom expresses his insecurities and how he longs to play a great role than just a nerd. Meanwhile, Marty awaits by the vending machine.

thanks to Amber Church, who assisted with building a lot of the props, including over 100 prop candies.


* Brian Fidler acknowledges the financial support of the Yukon Film and Sound Commission



Animation Vlog

Follow us behind the scenes on our stop-animation Meanwhile Backstage.

Vlog #1

Vlog #2

Vlog #3