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Sci-Fi Double Feature



Created by Brian Fidler and Edward Westerhuis

Original music and sound design by Jordy Walker

Watch a trailer for Sci-Fi Double feature here



What is Sci-Fi Double Feature?

Sci-Fi Double Feature is an all ages cardboard puppet show  filmed and projected live on to the big screen, in order to create a one-take 1960s sci-fi B-movie.

The show is comprised of two sci-fi B-movie puppet shows or acts.  The two movies are linked by a stop-motion animation that looks behind the scenes on the sci-fi set.


Act 1: Attack of the Slime-O-Trons

Two intergalactic lovers must save earth from a hoard of vengeful invaders.





*Photographs by Morgan Whibley

Intermission: Meanwhile Backstage

Follow the cast backstage as the real drama unfolds in this stop-motion animation.  For more info about how we made this film click here


Act 2: Last Day on Earth

A professor and his dog travel back in time on a quest to prove the existence of a three-headed dinosaur, only to find they’ve arrived minutes before an impending meteorite threatens mass extinction.

A Dividing Lens


Past Performances of Sci-Fi


Intrepid Theatre. Victoria, BC

January 2014

We had two fabulous performances at the Metro Theatre as part of their Winterlab Festival!  Big shout out to Janet Munsil and the gang at Intrepid.


Northern Scene

National Arts Centre. Ottawa, Ontario

May 4th, 2013

Ramshackle Theatre performed at the National Arts Centre for a showcase of northern talent called Northern Scene.  On May 4th, 2013, we joined over 250 artists from Canada’s North for a celebration of our rich cultural scene.

For more information about Northern Scene check out their site:



rEvolver Festival

The Cultch. Vancouver, BC

May 14th-18th, 2013

Sci-Fi had a 5 show run at Vancouver’s historic Cultch Theatre.  Part of UpintheAir’s rEvolver Festival  




Photo Gallery


Meanwhile Backstage*

A stop motion animation film


We built a short film called Meanwhile Backstage that is part of our cardboard science fiction puppet show:  Sci-Fi Double Feature.  With the support of the Yukon Fim and Sound Commission we took over Ramshackle Studio and built stop motion animation puppets from foam, wire and magnets.

Here’s a couple of stills from the shoot:



That's It!

That’s It!

After asking for “more evil” from the giant Slime-O-Tron, the Director gets exactly what he asks.

Special thanks to Andria Pedlar for making the lovely costumes. I especially like the pearl buttons and the white Jackie Kennedy trim on the dress.



I Could Have Been Something

I Could Have Been Something

In his soliloquy, Tom expresses his insecurities and how he longs to play a great role than just a nerd. Meanwhile, Marty awaits by the vending machine.

thanks to Amber Church, who assisted with building a lot of the props, including over 100 prop candies.


* Brian Fidler acknowledges the financial support of the Yukon Film and Sound Commission



Animation Vlog

Follow us behind the scenes on our stop-animation Meanwhile Backstage.

Vlog #1

Vlog #2

Vlog #3