Theatre in the Bush

original concept by Brian Fidler*

Midnight shows - June 11 & 12, 2016

part of Magnetic North Theatre Festival


Set deep in Yukon’s boreal forest Theatre in the Bush takes the ritual and mad magic of a bush party and distills it into an interactive, multidisciplinary event.

Featuring a line up of the best and brightest Yukon creators and special guests from across the country, Theatre in the Bush offers playful, daring theatre,dance, underwear fights, spoken word, gourmet food, bonfires and music mixed with a healthy dose of folksy Yukon charm.

Traditionally held on the fall equinox, our 2016 event will be presented under the midnight sun on June 11th and 12th. Theatre in the Bush will be a part of Magnetic North’s Industry Series.

Yukon Artists

National Artists

Installation Artists

  • Ken Anderson
  • Andrew Connors
  • Jon Gelinas
  • Barb Hinton
  • Tara Kolla Hale
  • Joclyn McDowell
  • John Streicker
  • Emily Woodruffe

Musical Guests

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Ramshackle Theatre thanks the National Arts Centre and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival for their support

* The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy.

Sci-Fi invades Atlantic Canada!

Spring 2016

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In the Works


A Sci-Fi Western

For over two years we have been developing Tombstone, a science fiction western puppet show made almost entirely out of cardboard.

Tombstone mashes the genres of science fiction and westerns and blends the worlds of puppetry and film. While the performers scramble to keep up with the onstage action the science fiction western B movie that they are creating seamlessly unfolds on the screen above their heads.

Part Rube Goldberg machine, part spaghetti western, Tombstone brings the world of sci-fi together with cardboard, puppetry and live action film-making.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors:
Tombstone poster

photo: Edward Westerhuis

About Us

In our tiny studio in the Yukon's boreal forest Ramshackle Theatre creates cardboard puppet shows,outdoor theatre events and original plays for Yukon and national audiences

" our theatre

We keep things simple and count as our most trusted materials: hot glue, cardboard and magnets. No matter what the content of the production our starting place is: How do we create this work physically with what we have at hand? If we can’t build it from found materials, buy it cheap or borrow it, we tell the story simply.

Since 2006 Ramshackle Theatre has been presenting and touring original work. Under the Artistic Directorship of Brian Fidler the company has presented two productions at the Summerworks Performance Festival (The Cloaker and the Cabinet 2007, Broken 2012), brought our production Sci-Fi Double Feature to Victoria, Vancouver, The Banff Centre for the Arts and to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and toured the solo play Broken about Alzheimer’s Disease, across the country.

Team & Collaborators

We are a core group of a few members whow work with fine folks across Canada.

Brian is an actor, director and the principal instigator and creator of all ramshackle projects

Brian Fidler*

Founder & Artistic Director

Edward is a multidisciplinary artist with roots in video, animation and visual arts. Whether he's performing with a camera on-stage or crafting cardboard puppets, he employs a sharp focus and a delicate touch.

Edward Westerhuis

Filmmaker, Collaborator, and Designer

Jordy Walker is a composer and sound designer who brings atmosphere and groove to ramshackle performances

Jordy Walker

Composer & Sound Designer

Large background photos by: GBPCreative